Introducing Karavan Studio's

Spring Semester 2020

Enrollment is now open for this semester's selection of khoreographies in preparation for GBDAC2020.

Each of these classes will also be filmed for Karavan Online.

Spots are limited, so be sure to sign up today!

A Word About Spring 2020 Choreographies

We have an exciting line-up for this semester's choreographies!

  • Miguel Crespo is back for GBDAC2020 -- think custom drum solo with zils!
  • Lacey has pulled together a "megance" that includes an elegant entrance, sassy baladi, saidi, and a touch of khaleegi all rolled together
  • Laura's choreo will use multi-colored lighted Isis Wings
  • Suzanne's choreo will be a sexy, old-school Rasta Dancehall inspired fusion piece
  • as well as a choreo to music by Lebenese singing sensation Abeer Nehme

Let's dance,

- Karen

Here are the details:

  • Classes run from January 5th through May which includes 21 weeks of classes.

  • All students enrolled in this semester's khoreography classes receive their Karavan Online subscription for free!

  • Students enrolled in khoreography classes pay for every class on the schedule whether they attend in person or not.

  • Students can choose to pay for the semester in full OR reserve their spot for $50 and make the remaining payments at the studio at the $12.50 hourly rate.
  • You are welcome to load up your Karavan Account Card and easily contact Karen for your account balance. 

Refund Policy

There are no refunds once payment is made for loading a Karavan Account Card, purchasing online/live classes, or subscribing to Karavan Online. If you wish to cancel your Karavan Online subscription, please contact [email protected]

Miguel Drum Solo 2020

Mondays at 7:15pm with Karen

He’s back!  

Miguel Crespo – from Bogota Colombia – will be joining us again at GBDAC2020, so OF COURSE he is crafting a custom drum solo for us. He thinks it will be interesting to have a finger cymbal role for the dancers this time. So get ready!!  

Hone your zil skills! Tighten up your torso articulations! Enhance your stamina!  This one will have it all.

Ummmm... Level: Advanced!

Length of piece: still TBD

No music video, but it will sound something like this (if you’ve never heard him before)


Wednesdays at 6:00pm with Lacey

A ‘mejance’ is an Egyptian style composition of music created for a dancer to make her appearance. Typically these consist of previews; multiple melodies and styles that the audience can expect to see during the show. This particular choreography will consist of an elegant entrance, sassy baladi, saidi and a touch of khaleegi all rolled together.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

There will be some variation in the choreography that you see Lacey do in this video, but you can hear the music and get a sense of the style!

Lacey is an accomplished award winning performer and instructor. She is known for her elegant and entertaining performances. Accomplishments and awards include: 2011 1st runner up La Danse Orientale, 2013 1st runner up Queen of Raks Sharqi, 2013 winner of Houston Oriental Dance Superstar, contestant of Season 2 Project Bellydance, Soloist/Performer Confessions of a Bellydancer-New York’s Off Broadway production and the Chicago’s Coming home production.

First Light

Sundays at 7:15pm with Laura

The music “First Light”, by violinist Lindsey Stirling, will be the music for this LED light dance. You will be using multi-colored lighted Isis Wings to frame and enhance your movement. 

This delightful choreography has an inspirational feel to it as you all let your inner light shine through. Movements will vary in dynamics – allowing each dancer the opportunity to find her connection with the music.

Purchase of wings may or may not be necessary depending on the availability of loaner wings and number of dancers. Price of wings ranges from $60-$80.

Level: Intermediate


Thursdays at 7:15pm with Karen

This is a piece of music by Lebanese singing sensation Abeer Nehme who I had the opportunity to meet at the National Arab Orchestra’s Houston concert!  

The tempo is moderate and the music feels light and carefree, even though she is singing for an absent lover – like they so often do. 😊

This will just be fun - not crazy. Promise!

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

King of the Dancehall

1st and 3rd Saturdays from 2:15pm – 4:15pm with Suzanne

(Starting January 18, 2020)

This will be a sexy, old-school Rasta Dancehall inspired fusion choreography with an exaggerated Belly Dance vocabulary.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced